We have accumulated the most advanced and high level of hot runner cap mold manufacturing in Chin.


The data of curved surface products is read by CMM to ensure the accuracy of data and the accuracy of mold products.

Circulating water is added to the core part of thread forming, so that the thread is not easy to deform after forming.

The thread thread is formed by grinding, and the formed thread is beautiful and durable, and the color is bright. As if the thread part is polished by mirror, the glossiness of the formed product is the same.


The mould cavities and cores and other important parts are processed into independent parts. After the cavities processing is completed, the Die embryo is inserted. It is not only convenient to repair the mold, but also can repairing the mold when still installing on machine, the products manufactured by the mold will not be interrupted. The continuity of production provides favorable conditions for making full use of the mold to complete the order

Using professional internal and external grinding equipment to process the front core and back core of the mold, strictly control the quality in the processing process, repeatedly calibrate the table, and the accuracy error is no more than 0.02mm.

The internal thread of plastic bottle cap was formed by deep tooth forming and injection port was treated in bottle cap.

Reasonable arrangement of circulating water for thick body cap thread and high-grade thread cap mould can reduce production cycle time, improve production efficiency and make screw thread not easy to deform.


The nozzle plate of the mould is added with a support head so that the die will not deform after collision in long-term operation.

The selection of high transparent and glossy container materials should be matched with the selection of mold materials. The shrinkage of finished container and the fitment during assembly should be mastered, and the experience and suggestions before mold manufacturing should be given.

The mold core is overheated, and the die life is as high as millions of times, which can effectively reduce the product cost.

We pay great attention to the application of cooling water circulation system in mold manufacturing, which can effectively control the molding cycle, improve the production efficiency and reduce the cost.

Post time: Dec-17-2020